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Send quality traffic by choosing content that is relevant to your audience. Share content on any platform and deliver as many traffic as you can provide.

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You are not Bound to particular platform, Share our content on any platform and get paid for it!

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We Pay at the end of the month via Paypal, Bank Transfer and Skrill. We are also Trying to add Payoneer in future..


Viral Engaging Articles

Howdy! We are Glad that you have finally found us!

High Reach

High Reach

We publish interesting articles to keep our audience engaged.As all of our content is catchy and goes viral, we get a high reach.


High RPM

We are high payers when it comes to RPM as we realize the value of your traffic. We pay $12 for 1000 US clicks.

help support

Lightning Fast Support

Stuck with something or need a help with basic stuff, we are here to help you. Send us a message and get a reply within 15minutes. Our professional assistance won't disappoint you because we value your communication in any form.

On-Demand Payment

On-Demand Payment

Can't wait till payout date? We got you covered. Request your payment, our support desk will transfer money to your bank within 24 hours of a working day till the payout date.

Regular Bonus

Regular Bonus

Don't we all love to be appreciated out of the way? We value your traffic, and like to reward you for your commitment. Here at ClickFoe, we run competitions daily to keep you engaged and motivated. If there is some other way we can keep you happy, we are open to suggestions.



Unlike other Networks we allow our Publishers to send Traffic from their Other Social media Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even Reddit.


What is your RPM?

RPM varies from Publisher to Publisher. If you are a Premium Publisher, we will Pay $12 for 1000 US Clicks but if you are a Basic Publisher then we will Pay you $8 for 1000 US clicks which is yet the Highest RPM in the Market.

Premium Publisher Sounds Cool, What i have to do to Become One??

There are certain Requirements you need to fill to become a Premium Publisher like you constantly have sending huge amount of Clicks from Premium Countries, Traffic of your Quality etc. There is not Application to become a Premium Publisher, We Constantly track the Quality of the clicks once we feel like you are Eligible, we will contact you.

How Frequently you Pay?

We Pay once a Month. We finalise the Pay on 28th of every Month and start to roll out Payments from 29th.

If i am in need of Money, Can i withdraw money from Account Before Payouts ?

Yes, you can Request On-Demand Payment but it must match with certain Requirements.

Which Gateway You use To Pay users?

We Pay via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Skrill, Paytm (in some Cases) and EasyPaisa. We are also Trying to add Payoneer in future Days.

You Say you have "Lightning Fast Support", What does it mean?

Our Publishers are our First Priority and we take all the Complaints and Suggestions very Seriously. If you are stuck somewhere just Message us and expect a Reply in few minutes.

Am i Allowed to Send Traffic From Facebook Groups, Twitter and Instagram?

Feel Free to send Traffic From Facebook Pages, Instagram , Twitter and Pinterest but if you want to send Traffic from Facebook Group then make sure you are not Spamming the links. If you will caught Spamming then we will Ban your Account and wont Entertain your Further.

Can i send Traffic from Reddit?

Yes, We allow Traffic from Reddit but only Premium Members are allowed to send Traffic from Reddit. If you want to send Traffic from Reddit then you have to Contact the Admins first.

I am convinced, How to Join You ?

Register and Make sure you fill all your Details Correctly.

HELP, I have another Question which i did not find here..

Good to hear, Just use our contact form to below to send your Question.